15 Anime To Watch If You Love Naruto

15 Anime To Watch If You Love Naruto

Naruto is a great anime that’s packed with action and great stories. If you’re looking for something similar, try any of these other anime!

For a lot of younger anime followers in the early 2000s, Naruto was the 2d coming of Dragon Ball Z. Just as the latter cemented itself as THE action anime collection of the 90s, Naruto placed itself as an exciting new evolution of the genre. The story of a young ninja outcast that possessed the powerful spirit of a demon fox was charming in its very own right, however the innovative ninja world that Naruto lived in is what sold the series.

All the magical ninjutsu strikes carried out with the aid of a large solid of compelling characters are what made Naruto stand out from the crowd. It’s no marvel that even after the collection got here to an quit in 2014, it continues to live on in new movies, games, and TV collection (Boruto: Naruto Next Generations). If you just jumped in on Naruto and prefer to find more of the same, here are 10 fantastic anime to consider.

Updated on September 27th, 2020, by Richard Keller: Naruto is one of these anime sequence that modified how viewers noticed not solely shonen however anime as a whole, serving as a popular “gateway” collection on each fronts. It stays famous today, although the final episodes of Naruto: Shippuden ended in 2017. Nevertheless, its legacy and influences can be considered in similar programs.



Dragonball Z is stated later in this list. It would not have considered so plenty success if it weren’t for the first section of Goku’s saga. That came in the original Dragonball. This is when Goku discovered of the mystical Dragonballs as well as the plausible extent of his powers. As the sequence improved so did the dangers. The series is a coming-of-age story mixed with martial and mystical arts. 


Cells At Work

Where Naruto desires to do properly for the populace of his village, although they do not like him, Erythrocyte needs to do the same for the physique where she resides. She wishes to assist deliver oxygen and nutrients throughout the complete area. Yet, she’s constantly blocked by using pathogens and different viral evil-doers.

Luckily, she has a accomplice in Cells at Work. This is the white blood telephone Neutrophil. Though he’s pretty violent when he tackles those pathogens and T-cells, Neutrophil is pretty gentle, in particular when dealing with purple blood cells.


Eureka Seven

Instead of the spirit of a fox embedded in the fundamental character, Eureka Seven aspects a teenage boy who good points the potential to control mechas. When the collection starts, Reston Thurston laments about his boring life. As usual, when any one speaks about boredom, the pilot is acknowledged as Eureka crashes her mecha into Reston’s room.

Thus starts an adventure the place the young boy joins a team of rebels who are trying to free their planet. Like Naruto, Reston grows more certain of himself and his capabilities via the series’ run.


Boruto: Noruto Next Generations

What’s makes a show like Naruto? How about one that elements his son, Boruto? The sequel points the adventures of Naruto’s son and the other students of Hidden Leaf Village Ninja Academy. After a speedy look at an grownup Boruto, the collection goes back to element how he received his abilities and the friendships he gathered for the duration of his time at the academy. 


Dr. Stone

Where Naruto needs to put his village first, excessive school scholar Taiju desires to put humanity first thru depetrification. He’ll need help from his friend, who also lost his stony facade after the complete population grew to become statues.

This is the plot of Dr. Stone. It seems simple, however there is masses of boundaries Taiju and his pal encounter. They develop from them and, in turn, solidify their friendship and trust to repair the planet’s population.


One Piece

As one of the top three pillars in the Shonen Jump lineup, One Piece was an inevitable suggestion for fans of Naruto. Instead of magical ninjas, the fantastical world of One Piece is inhabited by cut-throat pirates that are demonically enhanced with the aid of the powers of the Devil Fruit.

Monkey D. Luffy, a “rubber-man” that can stretch his body at will, is on a quest to come to be the King of the Pirates. The solely way he can reap this intention is to assemble a pirate crew of his own to search for the elusive treasure recognised as One Piece.


My Hero Academia

In the eyes of many anime viewers, My Hero Academia is considered the Naruto of the 2010s. In distinction to the rumbustious Naruto Uzumaki, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya of My Hero Academia is a timid young boy who usually wanted to emerge as a superhero in a world of superheroes.

Unfortunately for Deku, he is amongst the minority of humans who were born barring superpowers. This all changes, however, as a fateful come across with his childhood icon, All Might, leads to Deku turning into his religious successor and enlisting in a faculty for superheroes.



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