My Hero Academia: 10 Things About UA That Don’t Make Sense

My Hero Academia: 10 Things About UA That Don't Make Sense

UA is the high school attended by young and hopeful heroes like Izuku Midoriya. Here are 10 things that make no sense about the elite school.

My Hero Academia is one of the most famous anime of the previous decade. Based on the manga of the same name, My Hero Academia follows the existence of Izuku Midoriya and Class 1A of UA High School as they teach to grow to be the next era of heroes, scuffling with some of the most risky villains in the process.

The excessive faculty is one of the most special elements in this superhero story. In the world of My Hero Academia, an overwhelming majority of the population has quirks, so hero colleges started to pop up, with UA being the most prestigious. However, whilst this idea is interesting, it also raises some questions.


Did Any Villains Attend?

UA, naturally, trains those who wish to be heroes. However, the notion of the fallen hero is one that has been explored in fiction for heaps of years. It wouldn’t be too challenging to imagine that a few villains have additionally attended this hero school.

Perhaps this is a plot factor that the collection will discover in the future, showing how a personality may also have been corrupted by way of the beliefs of villainy.


So Few Teachers

UA is the most elite hero college in Japan. This would, naturally, lead some to agree with that this would be a well-stocked faculty with varieties of one of a kind teachers, every succesful of instructing a specific factor of heroism or simple academia.

However, this isn’t the case at all. All that fans have considered is a handful of unique teachers, which doesn’t make sense when considering UA’s reputation.


Sports Event

The UA sporting match used to be a central plot point of the show, not only showing how the characters have realized to manage their abilities, but also showing the villains the powers of this new crop of heroes in the process.

What is strange, though, is simply how culturally essential these sporting occasions are. Realistically, this would be akin to Oxford University having a sports day that is watched around the UK.


Lack Of Security

Despite being one of the most respectable hero faculties in the world and boasting some of the most expert and effective teachers of all time, UA High School is constantly attacked and infiltrated.

One would hope and count on that instructors like All Might and Eraser Head would be adequate to keep the villains away from their young students, but that is surely not the case. And if the presence of seasoned heroes is failing to scare absolutely everyone away, it would be beneficial if UA at least employed some hero protection guards to battle intruders off earlier than they can sneak onto campus.



As the most everyday hero faculty in Japan, UA also has some fantastically superior technology. This permits the faculty to host explosive education regimes and create hi-tech gadgetry for its students.

This raises the question, though, about the place the funding comes from. Presumably, it’s the government, but why they’d be happy with such wantonly explosive coaching workout routines is a exclusive query entirely.


The Entrance Exam

One of the most memorable moments from My Hero Academia is the entrance exam. Famously, the potential college students ought to struggle against sure tremendous robots in order to obtain a certain number of factors and admission to the prestigious UA.

However, this entrance examination is also crammed with insanity. It locations young people who can barely use their power against enormous robots, annoying that the teens ruin them. Surely there was a higher manner to decide suitability.


Whose Idea Was It?

The notion of a world in which all of us beneficial properties strength is an fascinating one. Essentially, it is like a reverse of the X-Men. A world in which the powerless are now the ‘freaks’ of society, instead than these with powers.

However, the notion that a superhero school is fundamental in this fictional world is now not as intuitive. Surely, the most obvious concept would surely be to train superpowered police instead.


Child Endangerment Laws

As with any heroics that include children, questions can regularly be raised concerning the baby endangerment laws. Famously, Batman looks to are looking for out children that he can put in risk when battling towards enemies such as the Joker and Two-Face.

The college of UA is no different. While some mention is given to safety, the students often discover themselves in life-threatening situations.


Lack Of Students

While UA appears to be the college of preference for many hopeful heroes-in-training, there doesn’t actually seem to be many students there. While one ought to chalk this down to the unique nature of the school, it’s satisfactory to remember that Oxford and Cambridge both have thousands of students.

UA looks to go through from a similar difficulty as Hogwarts, both are schools that ought to have a lot extra students than they’re absolutely proven to have.


How Did Mineta Get In?

This may additionally be unfair, as it selects one scholar in particular. While this point also works for other college students at UA, Mineta is the poster baby of this question. The entrance examination is highly challenging, which makes followers wonder how on Earth Mineta managed to pass the examination and get into the school.

Destroying robots doesn’t really swimsuit Mineta’s unique quirk, so it is a actual thriller as to how the Grape Juice hero definitely managed to damage sufficient robots to pass the entrance examination and obtain entry to the prestigious UA High School.

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